Hi Everybody  , 

        I know that all FreeBSD version have Branch on code tree . Now
I'm using to keep up-to-date FreeBSD witch CVSup and buildworld method .

I'm using 4.9 or 5.1 versions . in stable-supfile I setted 

*default release=cvs tag=RELENG_4_9 

        I know that, this method for only security advisories and other
seriously critical fixes ... 

        What is going on if I set it RELENG_4 ?! Do I have to use it ? 

        What about RELEASE Tag ?! When Do I have to use this type of
update for example Can I use it when I want to upgread my FreeBSD 4.9
RELESE to FreeBSD 5.1 or FreeBSD 5.0 RELEASE to Freebsd 5.1 RELEASE ... 

        I wonder about CURRENT Branch , How FreeBSD CURRENT users can
keep-up-to date their src tree and system because all of those updates
looks like for STABLE or RELEASE ?!! 

        Last question is ; Some body said that you I did not need to
make buildworld every time ?! I want to know When need to make
buildworld process ?! 





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