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> Subject: Re: Load new drivers during install
> "michael Alexander" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > Is there a way to load updated or additional drivers during 
> initial install?
> > (like redhats 'expert' install option)
> Yes, the install gives you the option to load kernel modules.
> However, this is very rarely needed, because the install kernel
> includes drivers for pretty much anything you could possibly need to
> get through the install process.
> Why do you ask?  What do you need that isn't working?

I need drivers for Mylex Acceleraid250 (DAC960) on Intel NA440BX.
It is listed as a supported card on the site, but it doesn't give me any
such drivers to select at install. (note, it also doesn't show any NIC
drivers for onboard NIC)
MB and Raid card are updated to latest bios and firmware, as of last week.


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