Dear sir/ madam,

The FreeBSD 5.1 PowerPak was purchased from FreeBSD Mall Ref Invoice No: 3120119. This 
package has been ordered to develop a FreeBSD Driver for PCI Bus Interface. When tried 
installing, on Pentium P4 2.53GHz, the installation fails during installing the 
package on to the hard disc, displaying message e.g. Extracting base into / dir, Panic 
ufs_dirbad: bad dir and ask to reboot the system. After several attempts, I have 
managed to install the minimum installation.

I have tried installing on a Pentium Pro 300MHz PC and it won't let me configure the 
X. When I try to configure the X, the system starts rebooting. Would you kindly 
advise, what should I do?

I have very tight requirement. I need to develop the driver and supply to the customer 
by end of January 2004.

Is this software fully installable? If not, would you please send me the updated 
software a.s.a.p.

Would you please advise a.s.a.p.

Kind Regards

Gurdial Chandra
Sycos Aerospace & Electronic Systems
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