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> Subject: RE: Load new drivers during install
> The DAC960 drivers are built into the generic kernel. You 
> shouldn't have to
> install anything third party. Just configure your array in 
> the accelraid's
> bios util, and freebsd setup should see the drives.
> # Compaq Smart RAID, Mylex DAC960 and AMI MegaRAID controllers.  Only
> # one entry is needed; the code will find and configure all supported
> # controllers.
> #
> device          ida             # Compaq Smart RAID
> device          mlx             # Mylex DAC960
> device          pst             # Promise Supertrak SX6000
> device          amr             # AMI MegaRAID
> Hunter

When I just hit enter on the setup screen to skip kernel customizing, it
loads a bunch of drivers and such, then stops at:
Waiting 15 seconds for scsi devices to settle.  The drives blink a couple
times in that 15 seconds, then everything just sits there.  No further
activity of any sort.


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