I have installed CUPS on two separate machines (very different 
machines, too) from the distribution disks in the Boxed set of 
FreeBSD release 5.1.  I can connect to the daemon on localhost:631 
and read the documentation, BUT I can't do anything else.  CUPS won't 
even allow me to put in a new printer, and responds with an error 
message page "Entity too large."  The fact that this happens on two 
different computers in exactly the same way means either that I am 
doing something wrong in exactly the same way, or that there is 
something wrong with the distribution.  I have read the documentation 
very carefully and tried to follow the examples exactly.  No joy.  
Perhaps you can give me some advice.

I have a laserjet on an LPT queue on my router, with address, with queue name lpt1.  What should I be enterring for 
the values of the name, location, and description for this device?  
Alternatively, what would the line be to accomplish the addition of 
this printer using lpadmin, please?  If I'm doing this right, I'll 
just build CUPS from the port, but I'd be willing to bet I'm doing 
something wrong.


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