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> I have been using FreeBSD earlier, but am new to the 5.0-Release.
> The boot.flp image seems to be twice the size of an ordinary floppy, while the other 
> four images in the floppies-directory fits on exactly one disk each. What are the 
> BOOT.FLP disk for ? How is it to be used, and how do I use it on a 1.44 - floppy 
> disk drive system ??? I would appreciate a speedy reply, as I'm trying to set up a 
> new system with Freebsd 5.0-release.

You don't use boot.flp with a 1.44Mb floppy drive.  You can use
boot.flp with a 2.88Mb floppy drive, but relatively few people have
one of those.  You can also use it to build certain styles of bootable
CD Rom -- although I think even that use is verging on the obsolete

Instead of boot.flp, use kern.flp and mfsroot.flp -- those contain
exactly the same contents as boot.flp but conveniently divided up into
disk sized pieces.

Oh -- why on earth are you trying to install 5.0-RELEASE when
5.1-RELEASE is available?  Or even better why not try one of the
5.2-BETA images (if you can't afford to wait a few days until
5.2-RELEASE comes out)?  Seriously: the 5.x series so far is a
technology preview: meaning lots of new and untested code that still
has significant bugs to work out.  Each new release in the 5.x series
is a significant improvement on the previous one.  If your aim is a
conservative choice of version -- one that's been around a while and
been thoroughly debugged and is properly stable -- then you want



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