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> RE2:
> http://www.freebsd.org/relnotes/4-STABLE/installation/i386/trouble.html
> The page above always makes a skirting blow or furtive glance at
> what is possible with a fixit.flp (namely that /stand and
> /mnt2/stand have some goodies) but without the use of the "ls"
> binary command I am a fish driving a tricycle (that is, useless!)


    echo *

The fixit.flp image had to be severely pruned to get it down to 1.44Mb
so it would fit on a floppy.  You'll find you've got a functional
shell, and that shell globbing and the shell built-ins will work fine:
cd pwd echo exit etc.  The pruning is so severe you don't get
eg. 'cat' or 'more' -- to read the contents of a file, use:

    sed < filename

There are also a bunch of crucial filesystem and network management
commands that usually live in /sbin, but not much else.  That's really
only just enough to patch the system and copy necessary data from a
remote machine sufficient to boot up to single user mode and not a lot
else.  Once you've got to single user you've got the whole command set
of the OS to play with.



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