On Dec 16 at 19:01, Lowell Gilbert spoke:

> You should be able to send PRs with *any* DNS name that maps to your
> address.  If you want a permanent one, there are some free "dynamic"
> DNS services out there.  If you just want to set the hostname
> automatically, note that dhclient will do it automatically if the DHCP
> server sends the hostname to it (and if not, you can probably script
> something up fairly easily).

Yes, but the hostnames that result from the dynamic address are
often quite long and ugly. That's why I don't allow dhclient to set
the hostname automatically.

My host doesn't offer any service to the internet. Thus I'm not
interested to have an accessible "dynamic" hostname which is
resolvable in the internet.

But as shown in Simon Barner's article 
the _genericstable_ feature can be used for outbound aliases.
That's what I'm using now.

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