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> Hi Ion-Mihai Tetcu,


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> The minimal system which I built earlier on my P4 2.53GHz system got
> corrupted during adding XFree86 package using sysinstall. I had to
> abandon that installation. After several attempts, I, have managed to
> install the minimal installation.
> After rebooting, it won't let me log in as user, but, login as root
> was successful.

Could you please elaborate ? Did you add a user from sysinstall when
promted ?

> I have run the dmesg and the log is attached as hwlog
> file.

It is not. I can't say anything without.
> I am able to install info, man, ports and perl packages using
> sysinstall, but, when tried installing text editors, it crashed during
> copying XFree86-libraries-4.3.0_5. When rebooted the system, it failed
> to start logger and given a lot of error messages init: can't exec
> getty/usr/libexec/getty for port /dev/ttyv0 .. /dev/ttyv1 etc and the
> system hangs.

Probably becouse the crash. Did it print anything on the system console
before crashing ?

> I have reinstalled the minimal installation, but, I won't install any
> more packages until been advised with a way forward. When the system
> crashes during package install, where the error messages are logged?

/var/log is the default place for logs.

In /var/log/messages you should find errors that are printed on the
console, provided tha system has the time to write them before the crash
and the buffers are flushed on disk. If you find something that looks
unusall please poste that also.

Unregistered ;) FreeBSD user
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