Hi Ion-Mihai Tetcu,

Thanks for the response. I did create the user account using sysinstall and
failed to login after system reboot. I deleted the profile and recreated the
adduser command. It works.

I have created a log file using dmesg, but, I am unable to copy on to the
floppy disc. When I try to mount the floppy with mount /dev/fd0 /mnt, it
gives me error message: Device is not configured.

I am trying to copy the log file to floppy disc so that I can attach this
file to the e-mail running on windows system.

I formatted the floppy using fdformat command, and when tried to mount, it
gives me error message "incorrect super block". Now this format is not
copatible with windows system.

I also created another dos fat partition and tried to mount so that I could
copy the log file to dos partition, it won't work. I have used this method
to transfer the files on a Linux system.

Is there a way to transfer files from FreeBSD to Windows?

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> > Hi Ion-Mihai Tetcu,
> Hi,
> Please use reply all, so that a copy of the message gets to questions
> list also.
> > The minimal system which I built earlier on my P4 2.53GHz system got
> > corrupted during adding XFree86 package using sysinstall. I had to
> > abandon that installation. After several attempts, I, have managed to
> > install the minimal installation.
> >
> > After rebooting, it won't let me log in as user, but, login as root
> > was successful.
> Could you please elaborate ? Did you add a user from sysinstall when
> promted ?
> > I have run the dmesg and the log is attached as hwlog
> > file.
> It is not. I can't say anything without.
> > I am able to install info, man, ports and perl packages using
> > sysinstall, but, when tried installing text editors, it crashed during
> > copying XFree86-libraries-4.3.0_5. When rebooted the system, it failed
> > to start logger and given a lot of error messages init: can't exec
> > getty/usr/libexec/getty for port /dev/ttyv0 .. /dev/ttyv1 etc and the
> > system hangs.
> Probably becouse the crash. Did it print anything on the system console
> before crashing ?
> > I have reinstalled the minimal installation, but, I won't install any
> > more packages until been advised with a way forward. When the system
> > crashes during package install, where the error messages are logged?
> /var/log is the default place for logs.
> In /var/log/messages you should find errors that are printed on the
> console, provided tha system has the time to write them before the crash
> and the buffers are flushed on disk. If you find something that looks
> unusall please poste that also.
> --
> IOnut
> Unregistered ;) FreeBSD user

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