i want to thank you all for your help. im in considering very much a   
career in programming.  Many of you have showed a way to start in   
want i want.   
These are my other questions.......   
If anybody knows of a good college in new jersey, please give a   
let`s suppose i go to any college, study computer science, what   
chances are to get a job in any freebsd related group?   
This is  a personal question just reply if you want to. i know that   
the open source community works in a way of working on what you   
decide you want to work on (for curiosity , pleasure, you want to   
help).  Dont you guys get paid for taking the time to do what you do   
and give it back tot the community?  I dont want you think im   
getting into this for the money but we all need it.  Can anybody   
clarify this for me please?    
As for books. i like to read and going to start bying some books on   
unix and programming.   

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