On Thu, 18 Dec 2003 21:32:38 +0200

-> Hi Everybody , 
->      I watching freebsd-stable list I saw that somebody have a problem
-> with SMP support which they are using 4.9 . I know that some improvement are
-> coming with 5.x .... But this problem are very important for example
-> somebody when enable SMP support system start to reset itself or under high
-> load crashed ?!!!!! 

Did you manage to find out why your machine crashed? What are you doing to heavily
load them?
->      I wonder Does anybody use SMP Support without Problem . Because SMP
-> is very important things ... 

We run numerous 4.x SMP machines without any problems. Some of them are
heavily CPU loaded, too loaded sometimes. Others are heavily network loaded.
They don't crash though. We have uptime on several SMP machines running 4.62 of
more than one year. I know that's not current, but I've no reason to update them.

->      I wonder too What about HyperThreading ?! 

We have this enabled on some machines too. I've often debated the value of this
with colleagues for our particular circumstances. You would have to elaborate on
what you are doing to find out how useful it is for you.

->      Second How can I learn What is 1:1 and M:N thread libraries ? ! How
-> it's work ?! How SMP work on FreeBSD ?! 

You might have a look at www.freebsd.org/smp, and also read the smp newsgroup

->      Because I'm using Redhat for a long time and I don't have any
-> problem with it of course under high load ... 

Is this doing the same task as your FreeBSD machine? If so, what's the task? 

-> Thanks 
-> Vahric MUHTARYAN 

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