greetings all,
  this is kinda messy so please bear with me.  i have a fairly large LAN
set up on class c.  there's a router at,
there's an nis/dhcp server on that also holds my users'
homedirs which are mounted to the workstations over NFS.  let me note
here that i suspect the problem i'm having may be related to the nis/yp
service but i cannot disable it because that is how my users is too big a network to use local logins on all the
machines.  and finally, there is a dns server (bind named 8.2.4) at that also uses rsync to back up the homedirs from other
machines and runs a few daily maintenance crons.  the problem i'm having
is that i would like the dhcp server to update the dns server so i can
resolve internal hostnames.  and the really weird thing is that it works
for the couple windows machines on the network...but not for any of the
FreeBSD machines....

ok so here are the settings and whatnot that i'm using:
both the nis/dhcp machine and the dns machine are FreeBSD 4.4
most of the clients are FreeBSD 5.1 but there are a scattering of
anything from 4.7 up.

here is the dhcpd.conf on

option domain-name "";
option domain-name-servers,;
option subnet-mask;

default-lease-time 3600;
max-lease-time 86400;
ddns-update-style interim;

zone {

zone {

subnet netmask {
  option routers;

here is the named.conf on

options {
        directory "/etc/namedb";

        forwarders {

zone "." {
        type hint;
        file "named.root";

zone "0.0.127.IN-ADDR.ARPA" {
        type master;
        file "localhost.rev";

{        type master;
        file "localhost.rev";

zone "" {
        type master;
        file "";
        allow-update {

zone "" {
        type master;
        file "";
        allow-update {
                localnets;  //i have tried also

from /var/log/messages on the dns machine:

Dec 18 20:08:06 nfs2 named[97796]: starting (/etc/namedb/named.conf). 
named 8.2.4-REL Tue Sep 18 09:51:38 PDT 2001    
[EMAIL PROTECTED]:/usr/obj/usr/src/usr.sbin/named 
Dec 18 20:08:06 nfs2 named[97796]: limit files set to fdlimit (1024) 
Dec 18 20:08:06 nfs2 named[97796]: dynamic zone file
'' is writable 
Dec 18 20:08:06 nfs2 named[97797]: Ready to answer queries. 
Dec 18 20:08:06 nfs2 named[97797]: check_hints: A records for
J.ROOT-SERVERS.NET class 1 do not match hint records

meanwhile the dhcp machine is giving me this:

Dec 18 13:48:35 webhost dhcpd: unable to add reverse map from to timed
Dec 18 13:48:36 webhost ypserv[144]: res_mkquery failed
Dec 18 13:49:09 webhost last message repeated 14 times
Dec 18 13:51:10 webhost last message repeated 49 times
Dec 18 14:01:11 webhost last message repeated 240 times
Dec 18 14:11:12 webhost last message repeated 239 times
etc, etc, ad nauseum.

so, since i was not getting ypserv errors before attempting to have the
DHCP update the DNS and the DNS updates are not happening, i can only
assume that somehow ypserv is hosing the deal.  what i can't figure out
is why ypserv would even be involved in it and more importantly how to
fix it w/o disabling NIS.

i strongly suspect there's something dumb i missed but i've been staring
at it too long to see it.

any suggestions greatly appreciated!

ben w
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