Hi Matthew,

thx for your quick reply.

On 19.12.03 (11:00), Matthew Seaman wrote:
% On Fri, Dec 19, 2003 at 11:24:28AM +0100, Thomas Hafner wrote:
% > A few days ago I had running some cpu intensive stuff, so the system
% > got hot and after 30h or so the box died. After powering and cooling
% > down the system it was alive again. Now it shows this problem.
% > 
% > Any guesses where the hardware problem is?
% Seems pretty clear that some vital component has died of heat stress.

yes, thats also my guess, I just hoped to identify the part and
maybe I can replace it.

% Chances are it's either the CPU or one of the north,south bridges on
% the motherboard.  Either way, it's time to rip the guts out of that
% box and replace the important bits.  Or buy a whole new machine, if
% you're not interested in getting the screwdrivers out.

Well, I will take a look and thx for the hints


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