fbsd_user wrote:

When I use cvsup to download the ports config files, it does not
display the directory path it's using on the server.
How can I find the directory path? Or can somebody tell me what it

The port names retrieved from here
http://www.freebsd.org/ports/index.html  do not match the real port
name I find on my system.  Want is the real directory path so I can
use my browser to ftp in and drill down to find real names.

Can anybody help me?

Cvsup downloads the equivalent of


However, the CGI index (http page you refer to) shows
pretty much the exact same ports tree I have at /usr/ports...

So, what's the discrepancy?

Plus, what's wrong with the standard tools?

#whereis foobar


#cd /usr/ports
#make search key=foo


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