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> I want to use the instant-workstation port to package my setup and
> However, there are many ports I want to set defines for (-D). How
> can I do this with instant-workstation? I thought at one point
> make.conf came into the picture. But I think I ran into name
> collisions, so that was out. 

You would spam the heck out of /etc/make.conf if you use it for your
stated purpose.  As i see it, that file is best suited for system
wide configuration, not per port.

You may want to create Makefile.local in the ports' directories that
will be/are installed by instant-workstation.  Mind that not all
ports respect/use Makefile.local.

Other option would be to save various knobs & switches in
pkgtools.conf, read/used by portupgrade, available in

The best thing that could be done is by instant-workstation port
itself, which would/should one allow to specify various ports'

But then, the purpose of instant-workstation port, as i understand
it, is to install various ports w/ minimum fuss.  If it were too
provide some sort of per port configuration tool, then you would be
better off using portupgrade, in addition to, perhaps,
(semi)automating the process yourself.

  - Parv


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