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 jb <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

>    dear freebsd experts:
>    i am a new comer totally.
>    i have duron 800 computer with 256m sdram, cdrom ,fdd 1.44, usb 1.1
>    cdrom read and write, agp vga 600x800,
>    8g   seagate medalist 8420 ide hard drive already 3g for dos fat32bit
>    and 5g for free bsd which is my young brother taught me.
>    also i have p3-733 cpu  with the same configuration as above.
>    i have 4.8,4.9 also 5.1 bsd cdrom version.
>    my question is
>    -1- which version is the best for new comer ?

        4.9... it is the current stable release... 5.1 is the current devel release and
you run the rist of running into things that could be problem matic with it
especially for a new user. 4.8 is ok, but old and if you have 4.9 there is no
reason to use it...

>    -2-someone would like to teach me one step by one step ?

        Read the handbook and the for newbies section of the site =] Those should
pretty much answer most questions. =]

>    -3-how many documents or handbook should i or must i read ?

        See above...
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