This points to the compressed file which contains the complete ports

you mis-understood my question, I do not say I was trying to find
the single compressed file of the complete ports tree.

Here is my question again
When I use cvsup to download the ports config files (by category),
it does not display the directory path it's using on the server.
How can I find the directory path cvsup defaults to using?

The implied meaning here is what is the cvsup program using for an
directory path?
How can I find out what it is?

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fbsd_user wrote:

>When I use cvsup to download the ports config files, it does not
>display the directory path it's using on the server.
>How can I find the directory path? Or can somebody tell me what it
>The port names retrieved from here
>http://www.freebsd.org/ports/index.html  do not match the real port
>name I find on my system.  Want is the real directory path so I can
>use my browser to ftp in and drill down to find real names.
>Can anybody help me?
Cvsup downloads the equivalent of


However, the CGI index (http page you refer to) shows
pretty much the exact same ports tree I have at /usr/ports...

So, what's the discrepancy?

Plus, what's wrong with the standard tools?

#whereis foobar


#cd /usr/ports
#make search key=foo


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