Sure ipnat and IPFW can and do play together very well. I had
problems with IPFW keep-state rules and IPFW/NATD. The Natd function
is a subroutine launched by the divert rule. I removed the divert
rule and turned off IPFW_nat in rc.conf and added ipfilter-ipnat to
rc.conf.  IPFILTER defaults to pass all traffic so by just using
ipnat all the Nating gets done outside of IPFW. IPNAT does have
forward rules.  After an while I converted all my IPFW rules to
IPFILTER and got rid of IPFW all together. I never compile IPFW or
IPFILTER into the kernel, just let FBSD load the binary modules at
boot time. I found IPFILTER to be easier to use and configure using
the 'quick' option. The only reason to use IPFW is if you use
dummynet for bandwidth control. I know the FBSD handbook misleads
the reader into believing IPFW is the best firewall but that is
because IPFW is an internal FBSD development project.

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Subject: ipfw forward alternative in IPF ?

Hello all.
I'm searching for alternative `ipfw forward` comamnd in ipf
>From man I didn't find if there would eb any.
actualy what i'm trying to do is to forward some traffic
but ipnat and ipfw forward doens't work together ;)
Best regards,Hugle

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