I'm trying to use FreeBSD's CVS (v1.11.5) to manage DOS/Windows
projects, which of course means files with CR/LF line endings.  The
docs claim the repository will internally store everything (text files
anyway) with only LF endings, but in fact I'm seeing CR/LF endings in
repository text files.  This is still fine until I pull a project out
with a DOS/Windows CVS client (the standard cvs.exe), which gives me
lines ending in CR/CR/LF.  If I pull the project under Unix, I get the
CR/LF endings just fine; but my coworkers will not be telneting to
Unix just to pull code...

I'm considering CVSNT because it's made to handle things like this,
but I don't really want to hand the whole source management thing over
to a Windows box and don't fancy running two different CVS packages on
one FreeBSD box either.  (Also, I'm not sure how stable CVSNT is now.)

Recommendations welcome.  I'm not sure I'm asking this in the best
place, but I know a lot of people here use CVS, and particularly the
one that comes with FreeBSD.  (I run FreeBSD 4-STABLE in case it

Thanks much.

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