I am trying to install FreeBSD on a Miata (Dec Alpha) system.
It has the latest/last firmware, V7.2-1
The system has:
  1) Qlogic ISP-1020 Scsi controller
  2) DEC RRD46 CD rom drive
  3) Segate 4GB Barracuda SCSI hard drive
  4) Built-in 21143 ethernet
  5) S3 Trio64 video card
  6) 128MB memory
I don't have anything on the built-in CMD-646 IDE controller
The system ran VMS for years.

I want to end up with a system that runs Netscape, MySQL, Samba.
What version should I use?

If I install 5.2 (from the ISO images I got on ftp.freebsd.org),
it loads OK after having to hand-edit the XF86Config
file (I had to put in BusID "PCI:0:12:0").  But then most 
everything on the screen hangs and requires resetting the machine.

Can I use a 4.8 or 4.9 release?  If so, where can I get the 
disk 1 iso image?  I checked several of the ftp sites, and none of 
them seem to have it.

Also, in case anyone cares, starting with the 5.2 disk 1, and my 
hard drive still formatted for VMS, hangs the partitioning screen.
A couple of the options resulted in a 'signal 11' error message 
followed by a reboot, a couple of the other options said they 
required me to select a 'slice' or 'partition' at the top of the 
screen, but there were none to select.

I had to run the 4.8 miniinst disk to partition the disk first.  
It didn't seem to have any problem.


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