Luis Sime ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) asks:

> Now, I love computers ... im not a programmer yet, but i 
> want to be.   
> These are my questions. 

> I plan on going to college to study computer science but i 
> dont want to waste my time studying programming languages 
> like visual basic, even though it wouldnt hurt. I want you 
> to guide me so i wont make a mistake.

This is tardy and off-topic, but it might make a difference, so here goes:

Luis, if you want to earn a degree in a highly technical area
like engineering or computer science (the two for which I can
speak) you should expect to spend many hours working on theory
that seems far removed from what you plan to do with your life.
And much of it will be, but the few bits that turn out to be
important will be very important.  There are large, important
areas like computer graphics, encryption, and error correction
that are deeply rooted in mathematics; others like network
engineering are rooted in physics and Theory of Communication
(yes, there is such a thing, and it is fundamental enough to have
led to answers about black holes).  Master the lower steps of these
stairways, carved by giants, and you'll have shown you can master
what you need.

Expect to have fun -- but not the fun you expected.  Not while in

Good luck.

    Mark Terribile

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