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On Monday 22 December 2003 19:10, Markus Kovero wrote:
> Hi. I Have Belkin 11MBps wlan adapter F5D6020 ver.2 that uses atmel
> chipset. I noticed that support for freebsd hasnt been made yet but I
> found leenox driver for it. So I thought to ask would it be possible to
> port leenox driver to freebsd so I could use my wlan pcmcia card.
> Linux driver I found: http://atmelwlandriver.sourceforge.net/news.html
I have been (and still am) working on a FreeBSD driver for the USB version of 
this adapter. The driver homepage can be found here :

If you want to try to get the PCMCIA version working, you could have a look at 
the driver to start with, since the device itself is the same, only the 
interface to it is different.

> Thanks.
> Peaceful xmas and happy newyear! Greets Markus Kovero
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