On Mon, 22 Dec 2003, Lars [iso-8859-1] Köller wrote:

> >>  - The disk images won't boot on my Adaptec 2940UW controller with the
> >>    latest Firmware.
> >>    I have to make an image by myself with mkisofs and cdrecord. After
> >>    this all boots well.
> >
> >Odd... the Adaptec BIOS is known to have problems if you have missing or
> >invalid DOS slice tables.  Don't run using 'dedicated' mode with Adaptecs,
> >at least with the first boot volume.
> Hmm, I don't really understand that, cause the downloaded image burn to
> a cdrw don't boot. If I use the same cd and rerecord it with
> mkisofs .... -b /cdrom/floppies/boot.flp /cdrom

Ah, so the controller isn't picking up non-emulated cds.  If its a
separate controller you might check for a firmware update, or if its
integrated check for a system BIOS update.  The systems I have with
embedded 2940s boot non-emulated discs fine.

> I've tracked it down. The problem was induced due to mess in the
> boot loader and BIOS disk order. The smart boot loader was not loaded
> from the first BIOS disk (ad0) but from the first SCSI disk. So it
> thinks the ad disk was BIOS HD3 ......
> After fixing that all runs well out of the box! Sorry!


> I've just trying to migrate my config and scripts from 4.9 to 5.2 so
> I'm able to fix the xperfmon3 compile problem.
> However, the usb mouse didn't work. Booting in 4.9 all runs well. In
> 5.2 the usbdev -v hangs about 5 seconds on the first hub. The mouse is
> recognized, but the cursor didn't move. (I've also cvsup to the latest
> sources and build my own kernel).

Not sure here; the USB mouse on my home system (VIA KT400 chipset) works
as expected. perhaps there are two mouseds running?

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