Good morning!

I have 4.9-release. I'm interesting ipfw2.

I have builded /usr/src/lib/libalias and /usr/src/sbin/ipfw with
-DIPFW2, kernet with option IPFW2.

>From man ipfw
src and dst: {addr | { addr or ... }} [[not] ports]
addr: [not] {any | me | addr-list | addr-set}
addr-set: addr[/masklen]{list}
list: {num | num-num}[,list]

I think that it's right:
ipfw 1000 add permit all from{3,5,9} to any
but I see follwing:
ipfw: bad width ``243''

If I do:
ipfw 10005 add permit all from,, to any
10005 allow ip from,, to any

Can you help me?

Thank you.

Lev Klimin                           mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
(8362) 42-15-49
19:37:26 22 DEC 2003 г.

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