On Tue, 23 Dec 2003, Zhang Weiwu wrote:

> I have been using vi all the time, even in csh I set bindkey -v to use vi
> style command-line edit.
> But when the context is switched to python, mysql, or scilab I have to warn
> myself not to type in vi style. Very often in mysql I mistyped something
> and try to type a "x" to correct it, or I press "A" and thought I would go
> to the end of the line.
> Is it possible to make a global configuration to let all command-line
> processor accept vi style key?

Most of the tools you're referring to use the GNU readline library. The
manpage (readline(3)) _claims_ that it offers a vi-style editing mode.
You'll have to suck it and see: try

        echo set editing-mode vi > ~/.inputrc

and check the man page for more information.

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