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> >
> >Does this imply that I must rename my slices, that I can't
> >boot from /dev/ad1s3e ?
> It is possible to boot from other slices than 'a', but you
> want to do automatic boot-ups (ie, without needing to type
> commands into the boot loader), you will find it much easier
> to use slice 'a' for root, and to have that slice labelled 'a'
> be the first slice in the DOS-style partition.

Just be careful on your terminology.   The neither the 'a' nor
the 'e' partition is a slice.  In your example above, the slice 
is '3' which has in it a partition called 'e'.   You are using 
the terms backwards.

So, it is disk 1, slice 3, partition e above.

Otherwise I think the answer is correct.   It is overall better
to set up your disk so that your root and boot partition is 'a'
in whichever slice you boot from.   For many things this is the 
default and there may be some things that just plain assume this.



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