Hey all,

I've been playing around with this for a while.

I have a FreeBSD 4.8 box set as a gateway on my home LAN. I have 1 pc downstairs, and a few dial up users... FreeBSD box has 2 network cards, 1 for internal, 1 for external internet using cable & 1 56k modem.

Very simple problem... when a dial in user connects to the FreeBSD gateway/router using PPP, NAT stops working on the PC downstairs and won't work on the dial in PC either...

I have complete LAN access (telnet, ssh, samba, ping etc) on both the dial in PC and the downstairs PC, but somewhere my config is preventing everyone from being able to access the internet at once.

In rc.conf, I have my Gateway_enable=YES, defaultrouter=, router_enable=yes, proxyarp_all=yes...

PPP.conf is simple...

 enable pap
 enable passwdauth
 set ifaddr
 accept dns
 set dns
 enable proxy

In natd.conf

interface tl0
sameports yes
dynamic yes

I'm running a firewall, but it is open for the TUN0 interface...

I also have a divert natd (8668) allow all from any to any out via tl0

All other PC's on the LAN are windows clients... the one downstairs I was able to just set a default gateway and it was up and running on the internet, unfortunately it isn't done like that on a dial in setup on windows... I can't use DHCP for the clients, as I'm not supposed to have internet sharing running...

Do I need to have an add statement in the PPP.conf, or do i have to enable proxyall rather than enable proxy??

Worst thing about this is I can't find enough doco on it on the net... I'll write my own when I get it done...



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