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> I've had experience with RH Linux but am not very familiar with FreeBsd. For some 
> reason, I cannot get the machine to reboot or to shutdown. I looked at the man pages 
> for the shutdown command, and, for rebooting, typed #shutdown -r now. but I still 
> have the same problem as I did with the reboot command:
> ...
> Saving firewall state tables:.
> Dec 23 17:08:40 syslogd: exiting on signal 15
> Waiting (max 60 seconds) for system process 'vnlru' to stop...stopped

Hmmm... That's certainly not correct -- it should print out 'System
halted' or some such.  Then it should proceed to reset the system and
display the BIOS screens as it starts to reboot.  I've seen systems
where it will do the shutdown part, but fails to get the system to
reset and start rebooting unless you hit the reset button.
> and that's where it just freezes!!!
> Also, for shutdown, after printing some stuff on the screen, it asks me for a shell 
> then gives me the shell's prompt like nothing happened.
> I'm no sys admin so some help is appreciated. Thanks.

Well, that "stuff on the screen" is kind of important for us to be able
to tell you what is actually going wrong.

At a guess: your machine has a damaged filesystem and so is only
booting up to single user mode.  You need to run:

    # fsck -y

which should repair the damage.  Eventually that command should tell
you 'Filesystem clean' for all of the filesystems on your machine.
You should then be able to type 'reboot' and the system will come up
normally.  However, this is just a guess and it could be something
else wrong which needs different action in order to fix.



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