In the last episode (Dec 24), Charles Howse said:
> I have some directories that I need to include in a .iso file. I've
> followed the online Handbook section 12.5.2, and read man mkisofs.
> The directories each have the file CUSTOM in them.
> That causes mkisofs to error:
> [EMAIL PROTECTED] ~]# mkisofs -U -R -o /tmp/cdimg.iso /disk2/curly /disk2/larry
> Warning: creating filesystem that does not conform to ISO-9660.
> Using CUSTOM000 for  /CUSTOM (CUSTOM)
> mkisofs: Error: '/disk2/larry/CUSTOM' and '/disk2/curly/CUSTOM' have the same Rock 
> Ridge name 'CUSTOM'.
> mkisofs: Error: '/disk2/larry/CUSTOM' and '/disk2/curly/CUSTOM' have the same Rock 
> Ridge name 'CUSTOM'.
> mkisofs: Unable to sort directory
> What are the proper options for mkisofs so that I can have identical
> filenames in different directories?

They are in the same directory.  Remember that when you pass mkisofs a
list of directories, their contents are combined to create the CD.  you
can't have duplicates, though. /disk2/larry/CUSTOM and
/disk2/curly/CUSTOM both map to "/CUSTOM" on the cdrom. If you really
wanted the cdrom to contain two subdirectories named "/larry" and
"/curly", try passing just "/disk2" to mkisofs, or if there are other
directories in disk2, create a /disk2/cdrom, move larry and curly into
there, and run "mkisofs /disk2/cdrom".

        Dan Nelson
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