Gerard Samuel wrote:
I acquired a pair of Slot 1 CPUs that is supposedly a matched pair.
I've heard, that they must be of the same stepping, and Im not sure of what Im looking for.

See page 12 of:

...which discusses this issue in detail:

"Mixed Steppings in DP Systems

Intel Corporation fully supports mixed steppings of Pentium III processors. The following list and processor matrix describes the requirements to support mixed steppings:

• Mixed steppings are only supported with processors that have identical family and model number as indicated by the CPUID instruction.

[ ... ]

• In dual processor systems, the processor with the lowest feature-set, as determined by the CPUID Feature Bytes, must be the Bootstrap Processor (BSP). In the event of a tie in feature-set, the tie should be resolved by selecting the BSP as the processor with the lowest stepping as determined by the CPUID instruction. In the following processor matrix a number indicates that a known issue has been identified as listed in the table following the
matrix. A dual processor system using mixed processor steppings must assure that errata are addressed appropriately for each processor."

...and then provides twenty pages worth of charts, notes, and whatnot. :-)

[ If you get a chance, try to upgrade to Tualatin P3's, with the full-speed L2 cache and SSE. ]

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