fbsd_user wrote:

I have an LAN FBSD box which has  anonymous FTP server installed
from /stand/sysinstall.
I an trying to login to it from the FBSD gateway.
I use this command ftp -av which is the ip address of the
target FBSD box.
This just hangs and does nothing. Ctrl + c  exits ftp and returns
the command prompt.

What is the correct syntax of the ftp command to open a interactive
ftp session
with the LAN FBSD box's anonymous FTP sever at ip address

Thanks and Marry Christmas

Try just


and login as "anonymous".

-v is a default case, IIRC, so there'd
be little difference.  Perhaps you'll
get some further information.

No firewall, ACL's etc. on FTP box?

Kevin Kinsey
DaleCo, S.P.

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