Gateway box is ip running FBSD 4.7, intend active with ftp
and telnet enabled.
Have 2 boxes on lan, one win box and one FBSD 4.9 box. Win box can
telnet and ftp to gateway fine.
Lan FBSD 4.9 box has same telnet and ftp config as gateway.
Can see intend running on both FBSD gateway and Lan boxes with ps ax
Can ftp and telnet from Lan FBSD to gateway.
Gateway box gets timed out, can not connect to when trying
to telnet or ftp to LAN box.
Can ping LAN FBSD box ok. No firewall on lan box and gateway
firewall only has rules to pass all on LAN interface.
Lan FBSD box can access public internet. Ran cvsup job to install
some port config files and it worked as expected.

Just do not understand why gateway can not access FBSD lan box using
telnet and ftp and always issues message connection: timed out. I
never get to the point where I am asked for id and password.

Any ideas

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fbsd_user wrote:

>I have an LAN FBSD box which has  anonymous FTP server installed
>from /stand/sysinstall.
>I an trying to login to it from the FBSD gateway.
>I use this command ftp -av which is the ip address of the
>target FBSD box.
>This just hangs and does nothing. Ctrl + c  exits ftp and returns
>the command prompt.
>What is the correct syntax of the ftp command to open a interactive
>ftp session
>with the LAN FBSD box's anonymous FTP sever at ip address
>Thanks and Marry Christmas
Try just


and login as "anonymous".

-v is a default case, IIRC, so there'd
be little difference.  Perhaps you'll
get some further information.

No firewall, ACL's etc. on FTP box?

Kevin Kinsey
DaleCo, S.P.

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