My name is Robert. I am 13 and I want to use a bsd distro because my of best friend 
uses it and he says you can really get into it deeper than any closed OS like Windows 
and its stability is greater than any other OS in the world. He likes worshiping BSD 
and wrote this cool program that helps my Dad at home so he can work but stay home 
with my brother who is sick very sick with cancer.  Well I am in high school and I 
would like to do something with BSD for my high school project and impress the whole 
school with how deep I can get into your OS by controlling a robot or making an 
interface like the one my friend made for programming a simple robot.  None of my 
other freinds in school even know about UNIX or BSD or any of tat enough to be what my 
friend Ean calls himself -a purist. He says to love BSD alone and seperate it from the 
rest of the pack you have to be a purist.  I am no sure totally what he means by OS 
purism? What does it mean to be a purist and like BSD so much because of this belief? 
Also I was checking out BSD on the web at the OS world and I dont get something. I 
dont get why you guys call your OS FREEBSD when OPENBSD is free as well. I just dont 
see why there is two different OS's here within BSD. What is the difference. Which one 
should I get into. I am not interested in starting a huge company or anything like my 
Dad who needs one network over seas and another in the US and another somewhere else 
for the oversight people and some huge linkup to space for something he does with the 
satellites. I just want to see what makes Unix so special and powerful and not crash 
ever you know? Maybe get religious about it.  Maybe i want to use it for school to and 
maybe later hack with it and be like Ean. Oh yea Ean doesn'y work for my Dad anymore. 
He just goes around all by himself working for whever he chooses. He is so cool 
companies try to bribe him into employment all the time and he turns everyone down so 
that he can work by himself in freedom. How cool is that?  But I lost  contact. He 
comes around but not enough for me to get help I need help now. Please?  Will you guys 
write back to me so I dont have to do something stupid and get involved with an OS I 
dont want to and get lost in thte wrong thingz?............Robert, Hillsboro OR USA

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