Nope, sorry that will only get the name of installed ports and
packages on your system.

May be the readers missed the -r flag which means to fetch package
from the FBSD FTP site.

The FBSD online web site provides two aides to help in finding

An category index with search capability into the ports collection

And the alphabetic list in port name order

After finding candidate, click on port download button and there is
the real name of the port minus the suffix file Extentions. Every
entry in the port system has one of these.

Small percent have package download button also, which does return
the package name minus the suffix file Extentions. Using interactive
FTP looking at the package/latest directory it's very easy to see
that most ports also have packages.

What is the sure fire way using the above web site tools to find the
package names?

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fbsd_user wrote:

> What is the sure fired way to get the correct spelling  of the
> package name to use with pkg_add -r  command?
pkg_info | grep


# pkg_info | grep emacs
xemacs-21.4.14      This port tracks the...
xemacs-packages-10.0 Basic...

*snips not included*

hope this helps, happy holidays ~j

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