I've recently installed a new machine with FreeBSD 5.2-RC2.  This box is
equipped with removable drive trays, a Promise SATA RAID controller, and
PATA/SATA controllers on the motherboard.

ATA_STATIC_ID is enabled in the kernel so that disks names don't flip
around when I remove a drive or insert another drive.

I have the boot drive plugged into the first SATA port, but the default
ordering is such that it ends up being labeled "ad12" on ata6, atapci2.

Or basically, the default ordering is:

  Motherboard PATA, atapci1:
    - ata0 > ad0, ad1
    - ata1 > ad2, ad3

  Promise RAID, atapci0:
    - ata2 > ad4, ad5
    - ata3 > ad6, ad7
    - ata4 > ad8, ad9
    - ata5 > ad10, ad11

  Motherboard SATA, atapci2:
    - ata6 > ad12, ad13
    - ata7 > ad14, ad15

I want the boot drive on the SATA port to be "ad0", but I haven't had any
success trying to name it that way in /boot/device.hints, probably because
the syntax for the example given for legacy PATA doesn't apply to SATA or
the RAID card.

How do I wire down each disk channel to the "adX" name I prefer?  That's
all that really matters, but I'd also like to know how to wire down the
order of the atapci and ata devices, if that's possible?


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