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On Friday, 26 December 2003 at  9:35:05 +0200, Danny Braniss wrote:
>> On Friday, 26 December 2003 at  9:13:57 +0200, Danny Braniss wrote:
>>> hi,
>>>     how can i break into the kernel debugger when the console
>>> is a serial one? (Ctrl-Alt-Esc has now ascii equivalent :-)
>> Try:
>>   sysctl debug.enter_debugger=gdb
>> to go into gdb, or
>>   sysctl debug.enter_debugger=ddb
>> to go into ddb.
> wups, sorry, forgot to mention,
>       the machine is hung

In that case, you could have trouble either way.  There are
possibilities with firewire, but you've probably lost.  If you can't
get local access, I think it's time for the Big Red Button.

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