On Friday 26 December 2003 03:36 pm, The Bean wrote:
> I've made a tad of progress. Since everyone and his
> brother can configure FreeBSD to act as a gateway,
> I decided to focus on the one difference between my
> setup and the generic gateway setup: my one-line
> natd.conf file, with the line
>   redirect_address xx.yy.zz.186
> It looked like the gateway was doing the internal-to-
> external translation on outgoing packets, but was unable
> to translate from external to internal. Anyway, I commented
> that one line, so my natd.conf is essentially empty.
> Success -- I can get packets forwarded no problem (otherwise
> you wouldn't be reading this!)
> Of course, this means I can't really serve anything, so
> I'm not done yet. It would make sense I have a snag in my
> natd.conf file, since it's the one piece I was taking a wild
> stab at. Does anyone know what that file should look like,
> for a simple address redirection?
> Thanks a lot,
> T.B.

I don't have a natd.conf file on one of my development boxes, but I do have 
this in /etc/rc.conf:

natd_flags="-redirect_port tcp 5800-6600"

Yeah, it's wide open and insecure, but it does work and might be a starting 
point for you.  

(The above snip is from a 4.9-STABLE installation)

Tim Kellers

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