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Subject: natd.conf problem (was: natd problem (but close!) )

> I've made a tad of progress. Since everyone and his
> brother can configure FreeBSD to act as a gateway,
> I decided to focus on the one difference between my
> setup and the generic gateway setup: my one-line
> natd.conf file, with the line
>   redirect_address xx.yy.zz.186
> It looked like the gateway was doing the internal-to-
> external translation on outgoing packets, but was unable
> to translate from external to internal. Anyway, I commented
> that one line, so my natd.conf is essentially empty.
> Success -- I can get packets forwarded no problem (otherwise
> you wouldn't be reading this!)
> Of course, this means I can't really serve anything, so
> I'm not done yet. It would make sense I have a snag in my
> natd.conf file, since it's the one piece I was taking a wild
> stab at. Does anyone know what that file should look like,
> for a simple address redirection?
> Thanks a lot,
> T.B.

Um. How many real IP's you have sitting on XL0?

If it's only one, you don't to redirect_address on it otherwise, it will
lose internet access itself since all return traffic will go to the internal
address. If you have multiple IP's on xl0, redirect one of the aliased IP's
to the internal system. Otherwise, use redirect_port instead.


Micheal Patterson
Network Administration
TSG Incorporated

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