At 04:06 PM 12/26/2003, you wrote:
On Friday 26 December 2003 21:59, Anclo wrote:
> I'm considering to build a small VIA Tech Mini-ITX system using the C3 800
> MHz motherboard/CPU or the Eden 533 MHz. This box would serve as a
> gateway/router.
> Has anyone have experience with VIA Tech Mini-ITX motherboards? I'd like to
> use it to run 4.9-RELEASE.
> Any advice would be appreciated - I'd hate to find out that there is no
> FreeBSD driver for the built-in network card...

I'm using a older C3 800 miniITX without any problem.
AFAIK even the latest miniITX has the "VIA Rhine" chipset for ethernet. Also
the PLE266 should work, but of course you cannot use the mpeg2 decoder. Don't
know any OS which could make use of it.



many thanx - my 10 year old system which I just set up as gateway has expired and I figured that a C3 800 would be a relatively inexpensive replacement.

Just curious - what driver does your system say it uses for the C3 800 miniITX's NIC?


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