> Um. How many real IP's you have sitting on XL0?
> If it's only one, you don't to redirect_address on it otherwise, it will
> lose internet access itself since all return traffic will go to the internal
> address. If you have multiple IP's on xl0, redirect one of the aliased IP's
> to the internal system. Otherwise, use redirect_port instead.

I have 1 real IP sitting on xl0 on the gateway, and 1 real IP sitting 
on xl0 on the client (they both use xl0, coincidentally). The gateway's 
xl0 is configured for public IP xx.yy.zz.187 -- however, I'm doing 
redirect_address on xx.yy.zz.186, which isn't assigned to any interface. 
I suppose that's why my gateway could still access the Internet even though
I had a redirect_address on.

Hmmmm, I'm starting to feel like I've been misunderstanding how to
use redirect_address . . . could it be that if I want to redirect a
public IP to an interal host on my LAN, I must create an alias for that IP
on the gateway's external interface? That would make sense -- otherwise, the NIC
wouldn't know to use it.

If so, where would I have read this? I'm not saying it's undocced; I'm sure it is,
and so I'm wondering what I misread!

Thanks Micheal -- I look forward to being educated.
- T.B.
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> Micheal Patterson
> Network Administration
> TSG Incorporated
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