Following up on my own question: I've been browsing the net for any
pertinent information

Most of the results I've found indicate that Freebsd Partitions are booted
from their first partition.

For instance, my 0:ad(2,e)/boot/loader workaround can't be deployed
permanently. Apparently I should have created a ad0s2a partition in order to
get things working. My researching into boot0cfg, disklabel ( I guess those
are the only binaries pertinent to my situation. I'm not interested in
running lilo, or grub, as I want to make certain that ufs2 is widely tested

If I'm wrong - and I hope that I am, could somebody comment on this?

Thanks in advance :)

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Subject: Invalid Partition - help on setting up loader

Hi list. Merry Christmas!!

This is my first post on a Freebsd Mailing List, so don't be too harsh on me
if my ettiquette isn't acceptable.

Ok, I guess I'll get to the heart of this post:

I'm trying to figure out how to boot 5-releng-1 alongside my 4-stable slice.

After a surprisingly successful buildworld/kernel, installworld, I used
/stand/sysinstall to fdisk/disklabel the appropriate partitions. By the way,
both slices exist on the same disk.

Booting to stable was fine, however, booting to current gave me:

invalid partion

I was, however, able to get it to work, when I pointed the boot to
0:ad(2,e)/boot/loader (which is the location of my current's root

I'm happy with how my current installation went, but I may have missed a
crucial step along the way.

Any advice welcome

[edit] I was referred here from the newbies list. Go figure.
        If this isn't a newb question, what is?

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