Frank DeChellis wrote:

I am new to FreeBSD.  I have been using NetBSD for about 9 years.  I have
FreeBSD v. 4.8 Release #1 running.  Everything is smooth expect for one

I can't traceroute to the box.  I can do a traceroute -I to it, but not a
regular traceroute, which tells me something about UDP, but I don't know
where to look.

IS there a file somewhere that is closing certain UDP ports that respond to

Apart from the usual suspect (firewall filtering out the incoming UDP and/or outgoing ICMP packets), what does

sysctl net.inet.udp.blackhole

show? If it is _not_ 0 it means that UDP ports that are not in use don't generate a response, which implies that the normal 'traceroute' won't work. This feature is intended to make the life of (port scanning) hackers even more miserable than it must be already. There is a related variable for TCP as well (net.inet.tcp.blackhole).

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