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I have a 4.5 FreeBSD server. It is our Email, web and database server. I would like to setup a backup server so that when the main server goes down the backup server takes over its job.
Could some one please tell me the best way to setup a backup server and also suggest some good documentation.

You could try the Equalizer series of load balancing appliances from Coyote Point software (www.coyotepoint.com). They are designed for network load balancing but they have an automatic failover mode so that machine 'B' takes over immediately when machine 'A' is unavailable.

Of course keeping your content synchronized between two machines is a different kettle of fish. In the application in which we used the Equalizers. IIRC we used rsync to keep a fairly live database up to date (we had to because we used the devices for load balancing primarily so they were actually both in used concurrently). This seems like it would be quite involved if you wanted to keep an e-mail server for several users ready to fail over.

Oh, BTW, the equalizer is a software-based device that runs FreeBSD internally. Also worth noting is that the support we got from Coyote Point was exemplary.



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