Alexander <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> after setting a new login classes in login.conf the users still don't get
> limited and worse - they can change the limits by themselves !
> How do I restrict that ?
> I'm using FreeBSD 4.9-STABLE. Most of the users are using bash. They
> are in the login class that should put them the limits and I ran cap_mkdb
> /etc/login.conf after adding the new class. The users login via sshd.
> P.S. The FBSD handbook and the login.conf manpage doesn't help much. They
> only say that I should put the limits I want in login.conf and everything
> should be done. Do I miss something ?

Well, for one thing sshd(8) doesn't use login(1) by default,
so login.conf won't affect it at all.  You can change that
in login.conf(5), but doing so may have other consequences
(I haven't had enough coffee today to remember what they
could be; maybe checking mailing list archives would help).  

I think I'll go see if there's any coffee left...

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