I'm still having some issues with file descriptors being used up. Symptomatically, my http listener will become sluggish and some cgi processes I use will time out. The logs have a raft of these messages:

Dec 27 22:46:13 red /kernel: kern.maxfiles limit exceeded by uid 80, please see tuning(7).
Dec 27 22:47:12 red /kernel: kern.maxfiles limit exceeded by uid 1004, please see tuning(7).

I can't even query sysctl, but after stopping httpd and postfix (the processes being run by those UIDs) I can finally get this information.

[/usr/home/paul]:: sysctl kern.openfiles kern.maxfiles
kern.openfiles: 257
kern.maxfiles: 4040

and on further examination I am finding some swap shortages (this machine has 512 Mb of real memory but only the same amount of swap).

what tunables can be twiddled, assuming swap doesn't solve this?

FreeBSD red.paulbeard.org 4.9-RELEASE FreeBSD 4.9-RELEASE #3: Sun Dec 21 14:01:26 PST 2003 [EMAIL PROTECTED]:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/RED i386

Paul Beard
paulbeard [at] mac.com

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