Jez Hancock <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I don't think this is true - whether or not login is called is dependent
> on the shell set for each user - I may be wrong though :P.

On further inspection, I see that login(1) is not being called,
but login(3) seems to be.  The shell in use shouldn't matter,
because the shell itself should be run under the user's limits.

> All I *do* know is that I use sshd to login regularly and the login
> capabilities I set in /etc/login.conf do take effect ok.

Yes, you're right.

> To the OP - it may help if you paste in the contents of your login caps
> file /etc/login.conf or detail exactly what it is you're trying to
> cap/restrict.

Indeed.  There are some limits that aren't implemented, but if the
users can change a limit, that's not what's happening here.  Of
course, users can always *lower* their limits, and they can raise
their soft limits up to a maximum of the hard limit (that's what
the distinction is for).
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