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> I have had a dedicated file server on my home network for years. It
> serves out files to clients on the network via SMB and HTTP. This
> machine stores all of my permanent (and not so permanent) data and has
> two large identical disks. Only the first is used. The other is used
> strictly to back up the information on the first. A cron job runs a
> script at 7AM every morning which powers up the backup disk, mounts
> it, performs an incremental backup and then powers down the backup
> disk again until the next morning.

So why not use a cheap IDE RAID controller and do RAID1 ? I think it
would be much safer, and reduce the amount of time needed to restore the
system once a hard drive fails. We use RAID1 with a spare drive on our
web and email servers here, and there's no downtime each time a drive
fails, having put all the drives on hot-swap bays on a promise fasttrack


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