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"Francisco Reyes" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Upgraded to stable like so many countless times.
> All was fine after reboot. After a few more reboots while
> troubleshooting why a port was not coming up at bootup the
> machine froze right after loading the kernel... at the part with
> the spinning lines... |/-\ <== like those..
> Upon bootup I am able to get the boot prompt if I press space
> bar, but the only thing I am able to do is 'boot kernel'.
> Booting from a CD I was able to see the HD, but it lost it's
> label information. I went and purchased a new HD and am in the
> process of restoring most of my data from a second HD I have on
> that machine just for backup purposes. I still have a couple of
> things that are not backed up and would like to try and recover.
> Is there a way to recover the label info? I don't know if the HD
> is dying or whether the filesystem/HD boot sector is messed up.

newfs -N will *probably* give the alternate superblocks so that you
could do a fsck_ufs -b.

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