For  six and nights almost non-stop, I've loaded and unloaded (formatted the HDD) due 
to some bug (s) of sorts in this program.  Even through the Christmas holidays I've 
been busy with FreeBSD v5.1 and at the current moment this problem still persists.
This login/password business really sucks.  More than 80 hours at this installation 
has produced nothing but a headache.
The current prompt reading  at the console shows the characteristics:
Dec 28 23:51:41 K7502000PRO.cfl.rr.com login:  5 LOGIN FAILURES ON ttyv0

GIVEN LOGIN:  koolfd
PASSWORD:  fdwill4u2
After all this time spent at this installation, I am beginning to have second thoughts 
about this software.
When I reboot the system it goes right into the program and pauses at the six options 
screen, where I would normally type in the correct digit to continue the boot process.
All hell breaks loose right at the login prompt.  Moreover, when I go into the program 
to change the settings, it says that the item has not be initialized, i.e., it will 
not allow any changes to the password, etc.
I have never, ever, spent as much time as this with an install.  What's up?
I made a purchase at CompUSA a fews days ago and saw a copy of this program on the 
Why should it buy this product off the shelf, only to be confronted with the current 
(login) problem?

If you have a solution to this login problem, I will continue the process of getting 
it to work.  However, the clock on the wall says time  is running out.
Furthermore, I really don't know what the program looks like.  Until it is configured 
correctly and booting, I have the faintest idea what it looks like.
Originally, I thought the real problem was with the four HDDs attached to the system.  
With that many drives attached, it posed a problem for me because I could hardly 
identify the correct one for the install.  With your disk id scheme, I decided to 
unplug three of the drives and use a single one, which proved to be less confusing.

As a new user of this system, it has been a tremendous undertaking working with this 
program.  Everything is new and different, as opposed to MS-DOS/Windows.  
Nevertheless, as a new comer, I find the program very interesting.
I would appreciate any suggestions in resolving this login/password problem

Thanks in advance

Flem D. Williams
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